Recent and Upcoming Workshops and Classes

Intelligent Movement for Musicians. Workshop in the Suheyl Music Festival. Qeshm Island, Iran. 12-17/Feb/2019. 

Alper ve Ernesto ile Şifalı Hareketler

Ernesto ve Alper İle Şifalı Hareketler. Workshop of Healing Movement and Dances of Universal Peace. Yoganda. Istanbul, Turkey. 6/April/2019


Everyday wellbeing with Intelligent Movement. Series of thematic Intelligent Movement classes for daily life issues. Istanbul, Turkey (Fenerbahçe and Kabataş). Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, starting May 20th, 2019

Ernesto ve Alper İle Şifalı Hareketler. Workshop of Healing Movement and Dances of Universal Peace. Hara Yoga Vedanta Center. Istanbul, Turkey. 2/June/2019


Ernesto Cortés in concert. A night of contemporary Latin American music and stories. Container Cafe. Istanbul, Turkey. 21/June/2019

After many years with back pain and after going through countless therapies, I have found in Intelligent Movement a much more efective and loving way to recognize and restore my body. After every session I feel a deep sense of relaxation and comfort with my body, as if every part of it returned to its natural place.  Ernesto’s guidance is clear and rhythmic, so his instructions are easy to follow and they help you identify the effects of every movement. This is undoubtedly a deep exercise of attention and dialogue with the body and its possibilities.

-  Angela Ramírez, Videographer. Cali, Colombia.

Angela Ramírez
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