Saturday, January 5. Finding and transcending the limits of your wellbeing. This class could be described as a «feel good» session, but it’s actually much more than that. We will do an exploration into how much comfort you are used to have, whether there’s a limit to how good you can feel, and how you can increase the levels of easiness and lightness in everything you do with your body. You will end up with a general sense of relaxation for your body, and we will also plant the seed of curiosity on how developing awareness about the use of your self can improve different aspects of your life.

Thursday, January 10. Relief for lower back pain. We spend so much time of our lives sitting, that lower back pain is one of the most common and urgent problems for many people. In this session you will do movements to release the muscles of your lower back and you will learn strategies for sitting better and reducing the stress to your lumbar spine.

 Saturday, January 12:  Sleeping better: Bruxism. Do you wake up with pain in your jaw and your neck? Do you clench your teeth when you sleep? Of course, there are orthopedic solutions for this, but you can also develop more conscious strategies to change this habit and so that you wake up with a released jaw and you can enjoy more your hours of sleep.

Thursday, January 17: Relaxed eyes, sharper vision.  Have you noticed the number of screens to which you are exposed along the day? Computer, cell phone, television, screens in the public transportation, electronic billboards in the street… Fixing your eyes on screens is very exhausting for the muscles that move them, and we rarely give these muscles enough attention. This class is a space to relax your eyes and to discover the relationship that they have with the neck and the upper back. You’ll be surprised when you discover how much benefit you can get from having relaxed eyes.

Saturday, January 19: From the Rib Cage to the Rib Nest. Our ribs form a strong protective case for some of the most vital organs, so we usually think of them as a firm, unmoving structure. However, they are flexible, and when you learn to harmonize the movement of the ribs with your intentions, your breathing becomes more profound, your torso and back muscles more relaxed, and you can move around with more ease.

Thursday, January 24: Winter shoulders.  In the cold weather, we tend to shrink our shoulders and neck, and crouch our back, sometimes without even noticing it. This creates a lot of tension for the muscles of the upper back and the neck. In this class, we will relax this area and learn some strategies to reduce the stress and become more aware of when we go back to this habit so that we can start to change it.

Saturday, January 26: Solving cellphone problems. In modern life, we spend a lot of time reading from our cellphone and writing on it. This causes problems in the fingers, wrists, arms and neck that, if go unchecked, can evolve into chronic pain and postural problems. In this class we will do movements to relax all these parts and we will review some simple ideas that can give way to healthier habits in the relationship that you have with your phone.

Thursday, January 31: Conscious warm-up. Do you practice a sport, or have a regular physical practice? Warming up your body before the physical activity is as important as the activity itself. In this session you will learn a process to warm up your joints and prepare your muscles for exercise so that you can enjoy more your favorite activity and reduce the risk of injuries, while becoming more adept at your practice by making a better use of the possibilities of your body.

Saturday,  February 2Flexibility / Comfortable meditation / Sitting on the floor. Whether you have a regular practice of meditation or you would like to develop more flexibility in your legs/lower back for your sports practice, or learn how to sit on the floor with more comfort, this is the ideal lesson. Flexibility does not have to come from brute force and painful stretching; instead, in this class we will learn how it can stem from small, conscious and pleasurable movements.

Thursday, February 7: The power of the pelvis. In this final session, we will focus our attention of the physical engine of our body, and how it can articulate better with the legs and the spine, so that your head (your ideas) and your feet (your connection to reality) are well connected and you have a more integral use of yourself for all the things that you like to do


Group classes:

  • 1 session: 60 TL
  • 3 sessions: 150 TL
  • 5 sessions: 230 TL (includes the audio recordings of the classes you attend)
  • 7 sessions: 320 (includes access to private website with videos and audios of all the sessions)
  • 10 sessions: 420 (includes access to private website with videos and audios of all the sessions)


Private sessions

All the packages include custom-made lessons for your personal needs, the development of an individual, private web page with the audio recordings of the session, a video class, personalized advice and other exclusive materials, as well as one-month follow-up via email and whatsapp.

  • 3 sessions: 300 TL
  • 5 sessions: 480 TL
  • 7 sessions: 640 TL
  • 10 sessions: 800 TL