Free and Dynamic pelvis

Your pelvis is the center of your power. Anatomically and functionally, it a crucial point of your body, because this is where the legs and the spine articulate to move you in the world. It is home to the strongest muscles of your muscular system and for many cultures it has a special meaning from the spiritual and mystical point of view.

When your pelvis is free and you are more conscious of how you use it, all your actions become easier, more efficient and pleasant. This 5-session workshop is intended to raise your awareness and to help you gain a better access to how you use yourself from your center of power.

The freedom of the pelvis is often limited by chronic pain, bad posture habits and cultural taboos. This workshop is a safe and respectful space to recover the use of your motor center in all its capacity.


In the first session, we explored the pelvis and its place in our body. By approaching it from different configurations and movement, we gained clarity about its size, its location, its relationship to the spine and the legs, and its possibilities of movement.

Also, we talked about our habits and how we are mostly unaware of them. The experiment of interlacing your fingers in a non-habitual way is an interesting way of discovering how a small change to a lifelong habit can create such a strange sensation. So this brings up some questions: What other habits are you unaware of? Which of these habits could you change to improve your quality of life? Can you think of small, non-harmful things that you could change just to create a little difference in your everyday habits?

Here is the full audio of the first session:



And here is the video with the short class that corresponds to this session:


In this session we took a different approach to the pelvis. While in the first class we mobilized the pelvic bone directly, and from different configurations, in the second class we worked on the hip joints from the distal perspective: by moving the feet.

This class is not only useful for improving the articulation of legs and pelvis, it is also of great benefit for the knees, because it connects the two ends of the leg, giving more freedom to the joints in the hip and the ankle, which reduces the stress of the knee and the amount of work that it has to do for walking, running, dancing and moving around in life.

Here is the full audio of this class:



And here is the video class that corresponds to this lesson. It is more playful and free than others, so enjoy the movements and allow your pelvis to be free and your whole body to participate in this sequence of movements:


Finally, I invite you to read this article that I wrote about magicians, musicians and a different approach to the practice of any art. Enjoy the videos, especially the one at the end. It is really worth the time, and you will have a fun moment letting yourself be mesmerized by this character.

In this session we explored the interaction of the femur and the pelvis in the pelvic joint, identifying the distinct movements of the two parts that interact in this part of the body. Also, at the emotional level, we gave the body a particularly complex challenge: how do we react when we’re faced with a movement that is almost impossible and, at the same, seems so simple? What are your thoughts and your emotions in relation to this?

Here is the audio of this lesson:



And here is the video class corresponding to this session: