Welcome to this series of classes. In this page you will have access to the recordings of the live sessions, as well as short videos to continue your practice at home.

In this first session we explored the flexibility of the spine in all its length and from different perspectives. By mobilizing its two ends, we shine a light on how the movements of one part have an effect on another part, and we practice something that seems paradoxical: by flexing the spine, we can extend it better.

This is full audio of this lesson:

And this is a short video class that you can do to practice the basic movements of the first part of the class, and remind your spine that it doesn’t have to move as a block, but that it has the possibility to be flexible and graceful.

In this class we worked with the muscles of the neck and the upper back, as well as the hip joints and the lower back. We explored how the movement of the head can be affected by the organization of the pelvis, and we found a way to soften the space between your pelvis and your neck, so that you can move more freely.

However, there is something else beyond the physical aspect of this session. In this class we also practiced coordination and the ability to maintain your attention in different things at the same time. We also explored our habits and what happens when we do small changes in these habits.

This is the audio of this class:

And this is the video class:


In this class we explored the connection between the shoulders and the hips, and we used imagination to find the point where the lines connecting these four points meet.

On another level, in this class we are exploring how we can use different perspectives to get to the same point or to do the same thing. This is the intention behind instructions such as «where do you push when you lift?» or «how can you lift/push better?».

This is the audio of this lesson:


And this is the short video class of this session:


In this class we expanded our view of the pelvis, not only within ourselves but in space. We explored the movements of the pelvis from different body configurations, and we saw the role of the spine, in particular the lumbar spine, in the movement of the pelvis.

Another concept we worked with in this class is the difference between compensating a restriction with muscular effort and distributing the effort of the muscles to reduce the stress of one area.

This is the recording of this class:


This is the short video class that corresponds to this session:

In this last session we put into practice many of the things we’ve been learning in these 3 weeks. The intention of this class was not only to change the relationship of the body with the floor, but also, in a symbolic way, to get up from the passivity of the chair and move into action.

My suggestion is that the first time that you do the video, follow the audio and do this short version. Afterwards, you can continue to practice the elements of this lesson at your own pace and take a little more time to complete the series of movements. This way, you can continue to discover new parts of yourself that can get involved in this simple action.