Free and Flexible Spine

Intelligent Movement Workshop
with Ernesto Cortés


A class at The Pilates Lab


In this first session we began our exploration of the spine, understanding its sections by mobilizing them in different directions and configurations.

Here is the full audio of the session, which you can do as many times as you want. I would recommend that you take the time to do it at least one time before our next session and see if it’s different to do it a second time. Does the fact that you «know what to expect» change the way you do this lesson? Can you find something new every time you do it? How is this second time different?




I have made a short version of this class so that you can practice only a part of it in 15 minutes. I suggest that you do this as a practice to begin the day, or to take a break in the middle of your activities. It can be an interesting way to mobilize your body either to prepare it for action or to give it a rest. Try it as many times as you want along the week: