I will be posting here the recordings of our sessions of Intelligent Movement®, along with some videos that will help you practice on a chair the movement sequences that we learn on the floor. These classes aim to help you in practicing wellbeing and to the awakening of a greater inner sense of awareness in these times of emergency. We will also learn specific movement sequences and practices that will help you find relaxation, centering and calm for your body, your thoughts and your emotions. Welcome to this journey.

In this class we worked with creating a 3-dimensional inner image of the body using 4 corners as pointers: the 2 shoulders and the 2 hips. We also started exploring the connection between movement and emotions, to expand our awareness of how we react in the face of certain challenges.

Here is the full audio of this class:




And this is the video that you can do on a chair and that will help you practice what you learned from the longer class. You can practice this several times a day, remembering that what matters is not the speed or the amplitude of the movements, but the quality of your attention to what you are doing.


The arms are a part of the body that we tend to overuse these days because many of us are using the computer and the telephone much more than before. Also, a lot of tensions are stored in the shoulders because we unconsciously tighten these muscles in stressful situations. This class aims to give relaxation to this area, as well as expanding the connection between the shoulders and the pelvis.

On another level, in this class we continue to practice feeling emotions and observing them. On purpose, I give you a few challenges along the class so that you can observe yourself as you react intellectually and physically to them. What do you feel in your body? How does your breathing change? Do you tighten any muscles? And also, what happens with your thoughts and your emotions?

So, before starting this recorded class, please keep in mind that we are not exercising the muscles and that you don’t have to force yourself to do things, especially if they are challenging to your wellbeing and your sense of comfort. But use the opportunity to see yourself. And breathe. Always breathe 😉

Here is the audio of the second session:



And this is the video class that will help you practice these movement sequences in a chair. You can do this several times a day, always keeping in mind that it is not about going far, or about doing a large number of repetitions, but about discovering slowly how you do the things that you do, so that the connections within yourself come to your self-image more clearly and your actions become more refined and easy.


This third session (fourth, including the first free class) was different to the previous ones in several ways. And as a matter of fact, it is the «peak» of this series of sessions in terms of complexity and demand from the student. It is challenging physically and mentally, and it offers you the best opportunity to observe yourself and your emotions in the face of difficulty.

As I mentioned before the live session, this class is also about self-regulation and about practicing being aware of when you have to stop doing something to take care of your wellbeing. Keep this in mind when doing the recorded session, don’t go beyond to your limit, do less than you know you can do, take as many pauses as you need during the class, and observe your thoughts and your emotions. Enjoy!



And this is the video class that you can do to practice what you learned in the live session:

Book on foot 1 from Ernesto Cortés on Vimeo.

In this session we integrated the movements of the shoulders and the hips, and we used these points as a guide to move the ribs too. Every time we took breaks and we directed the breathing to the ribs, and every time we connected the movements of the hips and the shoulders, we also activated the spine and the ribs, to give us a better image of how the body can be more flexible when it is integrated. And of course, in the process we relax our back, which is a nice byproduct of this work  😉

Here is the audio recording of this session:


And this is a short video class that you can do in a chair and that will help you practice the expansion of the ribcage and can be done as a break if you are having a long day working on a chair.


In this, the last session of the series, we brought together all the things we have been learning along the last 3 weeks and we used it to create a movement where you involve more of your self in a playful and joyful way, and we also practiced being in the moment and keeping the attention on yourself instead of following compulsive habits. If you were not in the live class, I will not reveal more of what this session was about so that you can enjoy it completely without spoilers.

Also, in this session I offered a short talk about the history of Intelligent Movement and a brief reflection of our habits and how we can become more creative in the face of difficulties such as the one we are all going through these days. Even if you were in the talk, I invite you to watch the video, because I have edited it and I added some new images that illustrate better the story I told you. Enjoy!

This is the short class that I chose for this session, where you can practice the first part of the class: moving the shoulderblades and opening your chest:

And finally, this is the full audio of the class, which I really recommend you to do. This class integrates many of the elements from the previous sessions, and it may lead you to an interesting discovery of how to simplify something that seemed complex at the beginning.



Like I mentioned in the class, I will start another series next week, starting Thursday 23 of April. If you’re interested in attending, please send me an email, I’ll be very happy to share these new classes with you.

Thank you for your participation in this trip. I hope that you have found something valuable that helps you connect with yourself in these times of challenge.

With love,